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Countdown to 2018 Conference


Energetic Women hosts 3-6 complimentary leadership webinars a year. Check out the calendar of upcoming webinars by clicking the register icon.


Topics cover:

  • Work life balance
  • Tactical skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Work styles

Past Webinars



  • Leading in Challenging Times; Becky Shambaugh (December) View Recording
  • Change the Way You See Yourself; Kathy Cramer, Ph.D. (April) Download 137 MB WMV
  • I Know I'm Supposed to be Wonder Woman but I Don't Have Any Bullet-Blocking Bracelets; Brenda Clark Hamilton, MA Ed.(February) Download 201 MB WMV | YouTube





  • Winning Presence for Business Presenters; Dean Heyers (October) Download 133 MB WMV
  • Social Media and Utilities; Tyler Olson (September) Download 148 MB WMV
  • Strengths-Based Leadership; Jean Nitchals (August)
  • Control is an Illusion: Just Let It Go!; Teresa Lewis (April) Download 141 MB WMV
  • Leadership and the Brain: Pathways to Positive Action; Mary Casey, Shannon Murphy Robinson (March) Download 153 MB WMV
  • Building Respect and Relationships with Union Members; Elizabeth Jost, Lori Rolfson (February) Download 131 MB WMV
  • The Power of Strategic Time Management; Jill Johnson (January) Download 166 MB WMV


  • How to Use LinkedIn as a Branding Tool; Judy Zimmer (December)
  • The Power of Thinking Big: 5 Steps to Making Your Mark Now; Regina Barr (September) Download 145 MB WMV
  • Reality-Based Leadership; Cy Wakeman (July) Download 205 MB WMV
  • The Sponsor Effect: Panel Discussion; Lauren Leader-Chivee (April) Download 153 MB WMV
  • Wander Woman: Bring Your Authentic Self to Work; Marcia Reynolds (February) Download 160 MB WMV
  • Replay: Show Me the Money; Vickie Austin (January) Download 100 MB WMV


  • Strategies to Deal with Difficult People; Denise La Mere (November)
  • Building Strengths Based Teams; Jean Nitchals (September) Download 142 MB WMV
  • Coaching Circle on Visibility; Rita Webster (August)
  • Gaining Visibility Vital to Your Career; Rita Webster (July)
  • Show Me the Money: Women and the Art of Negotiation; Vickie Austin (April) Download 100 MB WMV
  • Glass Ceilings: Perception or Reality; Eric Shoars (February)


  • Butterfly Coaching; Val Williams (November)
  • It's Not About You; Open Discussion (August)
  • Be Connected to Powerful Networking; Sage Presence (May)
  • Generational Issues; Sarah Sladek (April)
  • Getting to Know Us; MEA Staff, Committee Members (March)
  • How Do I Get THAT Job?; Mary O’Toole, Kris Nichols, Amy Dlugokecki, Heidi Swanson (January)


  • Dynamic Leaders, Powerful Brands; Lauri Flaquer (November)